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Where to Lease a Great Xerox Copier For Your Business

Looking for a Xerox copier in the Denver area? If so, you may want to stop in at this copier dealership. We offer some of the best deals in Denver , and they have the knowledge and expertise to guide you throughout the process. Have you ever wished that you had access to a copier dealer that could help you to steer clear of the pitfalls in the industry? The advantage is that these they have integrity, and will never do anything that would compromise the reputation of their establishment.

Xerox All in One Copier

We sell the latest office technology at the best prices. You will have access to some of the best office equipment without the high prices. We have helped countless businesses over the years to function more efficiently. Do you have a copier that is several years old, but you do not currently have the budget to upgrade? We understand this conclusion because it comes from logic. However, what if we told you that it was more efficient to buy a newer copier. For example, the copiers of today consume less electricity, use less toner and they have more convenient features. You will save more with a newer copier over the long term.

Copier Leases

Xerox Worcentre 3215 printer

Even if you cannot afford to buy a copier outright, we could help you to negotiate a lease for a new copier. What is the advantage of a lease? Xerox copier leases are the way to go for most businesses. First, you do not have to buy outright with leases. Second, they are fully tax deductible as a necessary business expense. However, speak to your tax specialist for the full details on your lease.

Even buying a new copier will have tax benefits, but they will differ from leasing. At our company in Denver, we have a wide selection of copiers to choose from. What is the best part about using us? We take the time to deeply understand your business needs—we listen. Our company will not hook you up with just any copier because we care that you meet your business goals. We are not just selling copiers, we are selling a tool that lets you reach your goals easier.

Why should people choose us? First, we offer world-class services for the copiers you purchase. Second, we place top priority on customer satisfaction. We are looking out for our customers and not for ourselves. If there is something that will save you money, we will be more than happy to point it out.…

The Best Printers To Get Some Quality Photos At Home

We analyze three models of printers to print images from the computer, mobile or tablet

Our expert has chosen the Epson Expression printer as the best model of the analyzed. Its score is 9 out of 10. It stands out for its beautiful white finish, in addition to having a series of complete features and the best print quality of the images.

With the phone, a camera or even with the tablet. Today we make lots of photographs that, in most cases, are forgotten in the memory of mobile devices or a hard drive. To have them on paper you have two options: print them in a specialized store or do it in your own home. If you prefer the second option, this comparison is for you: we have tested four printer models with photographic capabilities that will help you set up your photo lab at home.

What Models Have We Chosen?

These teams have the necessary characteristics to guarantee a good quality of the prints. With inkjet technology, all of them have different wireless technologies that allow you to connect all kinds of devices without wires:

this makes it much easier to use them with your mobile phone, for example. As a compliment, they have functions such as a scanner or photocopier.

The four photo printers tested are in alphabetical order:

Brother DCP-J572DW (8.25), Canon Pixma MG3650S (8.25), Epson Expression Premium XP-6105 (9) and HP Envy Photo 7830 (8.75). Each one of them has been valued, taking into account the following criteria:

Design: space problems? It is preferable that the size is compact and that it has a touch screen to move more comfortably through the menu options.

A number of consumables: unlike laser equipment, where the toner life is longer, the ink cartridges of these printers end earlier and are usually not cheap. You have to take into account the number of rounds, because while some models need two – to include the color in one – others require four.

Price of the consumables: besides the price of the printer, it is necessary to value what each cartridge costs. Usually, there are standard capacity and high durability.

Connectivity: the trend is to incorporate Wi-Fi technology so that the user prints from an app installed on the mobile phone or tablet without relying on the computer. Also, it is common to have a slot to print directly from an SD memory card and in some cases from a USB device.

Quality of the images: in addition to paying attention to the resolution, it is also necessary that the colors are shown alive and natural.

Performance: if it works smoothly and without interruptions, that the tray where the paper is placed does not get stuck …

So We Have Tested Them

To visually compare the differences between the different models, I have printed the same photographs on all of them, both on photographic paper and folio and in various sizes. Also, with images from both the computer (connected by cable) and from an SD card and wirelessly from the mobile.

The winning model has been the multifunction device Epson Expression Premium XP-6105: with a beautiful white finish, it has a set of complete features and the best print quality of the images.…